Residential Roof Repair

San Antonio and Austin Residential Roof Repair will avert further damage to your home from future storms. Horizon is the professionals to call

Don't put off residential roof repair services if your rooftop is old, storm damaged or leaking. Even problems that appear small can quickly turn into big problems when you put them off. We can help. With over 35 years in business, solid knowledge of the insurance business, and exclusive Haag certification, our team can do residential roof repair quickly and completely.

Whether you have a shingle, tile or metal roof, we have the experience and skill to fix it so it lasts. If it's been a few years since anyone looked it over, give us a call. We are a licensed and certified roof repair contractor who can make you feel secure in your own home again.

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Storm damage - When strong winds blow shingles off or lift metal panels, you need residential roof repair right away. We will help you with your insurance claims. In fact, our team has done over 10,000 of them over the years. Don't put your family at risk for future leaks or structural damage to your home. We know what holds up to Texas' unpredictable weather. You can count on us to handle any type of residential roof repair from our Austin headquarters and satellite locations throughout the state.

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Aging - Different materials have different lifespans. No matter how strong your roof was designed to be, a severe storm can cause problems. If yours has not been well maintained and regularly inspected, you might need residential roof repair services and not know it for a long time. We are happy to come out and do an inspection, then make recommendations for lasting fixes.

Installation Quality - How much do you know about your existing roof? If your original contractor used materials of lesser quality, or cut corners in technique, you are far from alone. The result is that your roof might not do its job properly. Leaks could form, nails could pop. Fasteners could work their way loose. The underlayment below your tiles could disintegrate. Call us now. For more than three decades, homeowners have depended on us for fast diagnosis and the most accurate residential roof repair in the area.

The Roof Repair Process

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When you call us for repairs, our experienced and courteous staff will send a highly trained inspector out to your house. They will walk every inch of the roof, check the attic for holes, rust, and structural rot, and look on the ground for signs of shingle roof damage. We will give you an estimate in writing and arrange to work with your insurance company if need be. In most cases, a roof can be repaired completely. But if we believe roof replacement would be a better investment, we will show you why. Ultimately, you will make the final decision. Our prices are excellent and the quality of work is the best you will find in the region.

All Types of Residential Roofing Repairs

GAF Quality Metals

Shingle - Hailstones can dent or shear off the protective granules that coat this popular type of roof. If they were installed improperly, a high wind can lift off one or more tabs, exposing your sheathing to water damage. We are certified to work on any type of shingle installation, including premium brands like GAF and Atlas.

Tile - Wind-borne debris or careless walking can crack a clay tile roof, putting undue stress on the underlayment below. While in some cases a patch can be done, more often the broken tile should be removed and replaced with a close match. We know the specialized techniques for replacement and repair without causing more cracking problems.

Horizon Construction is your residential roofing repair professionals that restore your water tight integrity of your home in Austin and San Antonio

Metal - Steel panels or shingles are a workhorse of a roof, but most problems originate with loose fasteners. We can replace them, or patch elongated holes and re-secure undamaged parts. We can also add a protective, sun-reflective system for extra waterproofing.

Experienced Residential Roofers

When you work with our highly experienced residential roof repair company, you can be confident your entire system will be inspected and analyzed. We will work within your budget and fix any roof, no matter how big or small. We will look over every part of the roof, including the underlayment, metal flashing around edges and chimneys, and ventilation.

Do you have a flat roof over a garage or porch? We also know how to repair and protect them with commercial-grade restoration system and membranes. Call now for the most complete residential roofing services in the area.

Contact us now for residential roof repair in Austin, San Antonio, Georgetown or any surrounding areas. We offer fast estimates.