Residential Roof Installation

Horizon Construction provide residential roofing installation, as depicted here, in Austin, Round Rock, Georgetown and Cedar Park not to mention Marble Falls

You should expect a residential roof installation service to improve the value of your home. That means it looks great and the craftsmanship is flawless. That’s what you get when you call our Austin roofing services. Choose from asphalt shingles, tile, and metal; we guarantee you a beautiful, leak-free surface.

Need a New Roof Installed?

There are many reasons you might call us to replace your roof, and we are ready to help. With many years in the area and top national certification, our company is highly qualified to build a new residential roof installation that lasts for decades.

Factors for Needing a New Roof Installed

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Storm damage - Have you been told you need a residential roof installation after a bad storm? If more than one-quarter of your surface has water damage, repairs will probably not be enough. Shingles can be torn off or lose their granular surface, leaving the underlayment exposed to damaging ultraviolet rays. Hail can crack an entire slate and tile installation beyond repair. There are many reasons you might need a residential roof installation, but only one place to call. We’ll work with your insurance company and offer you very competitive rates.

Horizon Roofing is your Spring Branch Texas residential roof installation professional for hail wind or weather related storm damage

Aging - If you have asphalt shingles, you know they have a definite lifespan. Old installations, especially, are not as long-lasting as new ones. Longevity will also depend on previous storm damage, how well the roof has been maintained, and how good the ventilation is.

Poor maintenance - If you’ve let your gutters get packed, rainwater can be held against your roof and cause rot. And if you’ve ignored cracks in tile or bald patches on shingles, you create an easy pathway for water to get inside your house. You are certainly not alone if you’ve neglected roofing problems. If a new installation will restore your home’s integrity, we will give you a reasonable quote for excellent products.

Upgrading - A new residential roof installation can instantly boost your house’s value. Change out basic three-tab shingles for an architectural grade. They are more densely layered and carry warranties of 40 to 50 years. We carry Atlas, GAF, and other top brands. You can also switch to a standing seam metal roof installation. Metal is extremely lightweight and it lasts three to four times as long as ordinary shingles. In some cases, if your home can carry extra weight, you can add an elegant heavyweight tile roof.

GAF is your American roofing products manufacturer for residential and commercial roofing. They are another primary supplier to Horizon Roofing. Certainteed Master Shingle residential roof installation or replacement contractor for Austin and San Antonio area is Horizon Construction and Roofing

New construction - We’ll be glad to work with your architect or builder to create the perfect residential roof installation, one that will complement your house and stand strong against weather. When you choose us for a new tile, shingle, or metal system, you will work with a company that sets the bar high. We pay close attention to every part of the installation, even the roof parts you don’t see: the flashing, ventilation, underlayment, and gutters. We stand behind our work and will be there for you far into the future.

Benefits of a New Roof Installation

Quality Metals Roofing Products are designed for residential roofing repair and installation in Austin and San Antonio Atlas residential and commercial roofing products. Atlas is one of Horizon Roofing primary suppliers of quality roofing products for San Antonio and San Marcos

Adding a new roof allows you to get the color and style you have always wanted for your home. It also allows you to enjoy greater energy savings. Some shingles are designed to reflect the sun’s heat energy. Metal is naturally reflective. And tile roof installations are great insulators. The result is lower heating and cooling bills and a positive environmental impact.

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Our owner has been installing new residential roofs for over 35 years and closely supervises every job we do. Giving you excellent value for your money at any price point is what has made us the go-to specialist for residential roof installation in Austin, San Antonio, Georgetown, and all nearby areas. We are BBB accredited and have earned top reviews on Angie’s List.