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If your commercial roofing is leaking or worn, count on the most dependable commercial roof replacement company in the area. We have the highest certification and more than three decades of experience. We will protect your building and the people inside who count on you.

If your building has been damaged by a storm, call us for your repairs and commercial roof replacement services. We work with insurance companies and have replaced an estimated 10,000 roofs over three decades. If there is a problem to be solved, we can handle it.

Whether it is flat or sloped, you can count on knowledgeable and affordable commercial roof replacement options:

  • Low-sloped built-up, tar and gravel, roll-out, single ply, metal, and others.
  • Medium and steep-sloped standing seam metal, asphalt shingle and tile roof types.

Call us for a free quote on a commercial roof replacement in Austin and San Antonio.

Our experienced company can make any facility’s roof look brand new. Of course aesthetics alone are not enough. Your covering has to protect against rainwater traps, which are a big problem on flat commercial roofing. Ponding allows water to seep into hairline cracks, into worn seams, and around edges. This can cause leaks, the rotting of building materials, and harmful mold and mildew. It can even contribute to sick building syndrome, which causes respiratory problems for the people inside.

We pay careful attention to creating the proper slope and drainage for your commercial roof replacement.

Want a New Roof Material?

We will help you explore new coverings that meet your budget and your energy-saving goals. This process is known as a re-roof. Metal and single-ply types like TPO, PVC, and rubber roofing can be excellent commercial roof replacement choices for existing surfaces. Our roofers will carefully repair the existing substrate, such as rusted fasteners, severe cracking, and rotted decking.

Do you want to restore the appearance of a roof that is visible from the road? Shingles, metal, tile, and other roof types can easily be replaced if they have become damaged by a storm or advanced age. If function is most important to you, let’s look at restoration Durolast system. These high-tech topcoats can help your commercial roof replacement last far longer. They include:

  • Modified bitumen - Commercial roofing Durolast system can help prevent cracking from oxidation by the sun.
  • BUR - system can stop slippage, blistering, wrinkling and splitting caused by UV damage.
  • Single-ply roofing - This contains seams that can separate if they were improperly applied. Rubber roofing can also be damaged by certain chemicals and oils.
  • PVC - Some applications can shatter if are older, were not reinforced, or are of a thinner variety.
  • Metal roof - Environmental temperatures can cause expansion and contraction, a process that loosens fasteners and causes panels to separate.

Cool Commercial Roofing Replacement

A white or light colored roof can reduce your cooling load and increase the year-round comfort of your workers. It also saves on maintenance costs because more than 80 percent of solar heat is reflected back into the atmosphere. This is possible through rubber commercial roof replacement and many types of Durolast system. It can be placed right on top of your existing roof.

Backed by 35+ Years of Excellence and Quality Service!

We place a premium on quality and value with every commercial roof replacement job we do. All of our workers are full-time and certified by the prestigious Haag Engineering group. We are locally owned and operated, BBB accredited, and highly rated by Angie’s List users. Our owner personally supervises every job and has more than 35 years of experience.

Our work is guaranteed. If something ever goes wrong, such as a big storm, we will be there to fix it. Contact us for commercial roof replacement in Austin, San Antonio, Georgetown, and other areas in the region.