Commercial Roof Repair

Stop leaks and add years of life to your building with our certified commercial roof repair services. If you need professionals in roof repair, call us right away. We offer insurance restoration services and flat roof repairs.

Obviously you want to protect your investment and the people inside your building. We are uniquely qualified to help you make the right commercial roof repair choices. Call now for an inspection and free estimate.

If you need commercial roof repair, you can not afford to wait. It is only a matter of time before minor leaks, cracks and worn seams turn into major unplanned large expenses. Our inspectors have special training in scientific techniques. These technicians use masterful workmanship in every commercial roof repair job. And we do not do hasty patch jobs; we tighten loose fasteners, secure flashing and restore your commercial roofing using best practices.

Angies list record of Horizon Roofing for Austin, San Antonio, Fredericksburg, Boerne, and Wimberly and through out the hill country of Texas Better Business Bureau has a grade A record of Horizon Roofing. They are your hill country roofing professionals for both residential and commercial

Most commercial buildings have flat top roofs. Through movement, settling, age, or faulty installation, these surfaces can develop low spots. If rainwater does not evaporate in less than 48 hours, you have a problem known as ponding which will eventually turn into a major problem.

Prompt commercial roof repair is crucial because standing water works like a magnifying glass with the sun’s rays. The UV damage that results will crack and weaken the surface. This can rot out building materials, destroy insulation, and lead to mold and mildew. All are extremely damaging to your facility and can threaten your tenants’ health. Do you want to take that risk when there are low-cost commercial roof repair solutions? Contact us today.

Ponding damage usually isn’t covered by commercial insurance policies, so you need to take care of this yourself. Let our commercial roof repair company help with high quality Duralast system and sealing. They stop leaks and extend the life of your surface. If you are nearing the end of your warranty, a Duralast system is a solution worth exploring.

Elastomeric Duralast system add a thin but resilient layer to your roofs substrate. It seals out water completely because it has no seams. It will not crack because it has the ability to stretch. It also makes your rooftop highly reflective. You save money on energy while protecting the original surface from UV damage.

Low spots and weak flashing can harm your rooftop in just a few short years if problems are not addressed. It is very difficult to spot issues on a low-sloped surface, so you need professional commercial roof repair services. We are specially trained to find cracks and leaks and address them correctly.

Commercial roof repair alone might work well, without the need to tear-off and do roof replacement. A system may also be a good investment. We will never sell you more than what you need. At the end of our inspection we will write a report with our findings and then give you choices that fit your budget.

All Types of Repairs

We are well qualified to repair single-ply, built-up, modified bitumen, torch-down and many other roof types. We are a commercial roofing contractor with 35-plus years of experience, Haag certification and an A rating with the BBB. You can be sure your needs will be met and your expectations exceeded.

We always work around yours and your tenants schedule as much as possible. Additionally we will let your tenants know exactly what we will be doing and when. Plus our cleanup is A-1 and your safety is always a priority.

We perform commercial roof repair in Austin, San Antonio, Georgetown and all nearby areas.